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We're very excited to finally offer a board and train option with our local trainer Haylie. Please let us know if you are interested in this option asap as she will only accept 1-2 pups per litter. 

Puppy Jumpstart Board & Train Program

Did you know?  

Your puppy’s socialization window occurs between 6-16 weeks of age.  Referred to by trainers as the “critical period,” this is the time in which your puppy learns what is expected of them, and what to expect from the world, for the rest of their lives.  Comprehensive and knowledgeable socialization, diligent potty training, and proactive engagement and obedience work during this period will set your puppy up for success and increase their chances of becoming your dream dog when they grow up!


Socializing and training your young puppy takes a lot of time and attention.  If you feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of puppyhood, or are suffering from puppy blues and wondering when things will get easier, or just want your puppy trained and socialized by a professional, then the Puppy Jumpstart program may be right for you!


Puppies in the Puppy Jumpstart program can be anywhere between 8-24 weeks old.  They will live in my home with me, my partner, and our 3 adult dogs for their entire stay.  While here they will work on the following skills:

  • Socialization (with new people, dogs, and environments)

  • Potty Training

  • Crate Training

  • Leash Walking

  • Basic Obedience (coming when called, sit, down, stay, impulse control)

  • Calm Greetings with new people


Your puppy will come home with a comprehensive Puppy Schedule for you to follow, a write-up of your puppy’s individual preferences discovered during their stay, and a 90 minute take-home lesson to go over everything in detail (and answer all of your questions) at their take-home date.


This program is meant to be a JUMPSTART on their training, and WILL NOT complete their education.  You (the owner) will need to keep up on the training at home and continue to work with your pup in order to retain the skills they learn with me.  Specific training requests (i.e. exposure to mobility equipment and impaired movement for future therapy dogs) is happily accommodated.


Owners can elect the length of stay, beginning at a 2 week minimum, and going to a maximum of 8 consecutive weeks.  Puppies will always be welcome back for a refresher week(s) on request.  The cost of the board and train program is $500 per week,


The aim of this program is to make the transition from breeder to new home easier for both your puppy and your family by fostering good habits and behavior in your pup when they will benefit from it most.  When you and your puppy are set up for success, you can fully enjoy your new family member!


Contact Info: (413)749-5323,

About Me:


Mahayla "Haylie" Gernert-Dott has been positively obsessed with animals since she was a child. Between working for rides at her local riding stable she spent her time reading dog and horse breed manuals cover-to-cover and/or begging her parents for a dog to train. When they finally relented, Haylie immediately began training Tally Ho! (her Wheaten Terrier) to do Rally Obedience, Agility, and all manner of tricks. When Tally developed leash reactivity, Haylie delved into the world of behavior modification at age 14 and soon discovered there was so much more to dog behavior than she previously understood.

Haylie graduated from the University of Vermont with Honors. She has a B.S. in Animal Science with a concentration in canine behavior, minored in Food Systems, and wrote her senior thesis with Kelly Bollen M.S., C.A.B.C. and Jamie Shaw on problematic behaviors in recently adopted dogs. After graduating in 2017 Haylie began her apprenticeship at The Dog School under the guidance of Jamie Shaw, a UVM lecturer and one of New England's first canine behaviorists. Haylie apprenticed under Jamie for 3 years, shadowing her at consults, assistant teaching canine behavior classes at UVM, and training dogs hands-on at Jamie's in-home boarding business. There she learned the power of positive reinforcement, gained an extensive knowledge of canine body language, and discovered that the key to good training is relationship and trust.

After her apprenticeship with Jamie, Haylie moved to the Berkshires to take on the role of lead trainer at Berkshire Humane Society's Family Dog School and Canine Behavior Specialist for the shelter itself.

Haylie now lives in Adams MA with her partner Luke, his Labrador Beya, and her 2 Border Collies (Bash and Swift) who she competes with in the sports of Dog Agility, Nosework, and Mondioring. When she isn't training dogs Haylie enjoys trail running with her dogs all over the Berkshires.

Haylie uses her extensive training experience and her knowledge of canine nutrition and physiology to care for each individual dog holistically. Dog care is her passion and profession, and she can't wait to work with you and your pup!

Boarding dogs live in the house with my pack, enjoy free access to our 1/2 acre fenced yard (6' wooden stockade fencing) when we are home, and come to work with me during the week along with my own dogs, where they hang out with my coworkers and enjoy indoor freedom in my training space on bad weather days. Boarding dogs get daily exercise and playtime along with all the usual social perks of living in a home. (read: snuggles!)

We offer a 1/2 acre yard completely fenced with 6' wooden stockade fencing and a privacy hedge. We have 3 friendly and playful dogs to keep your pup company, and can crate your pup for naps or bedtime if desired. Dogs can accompany me and my dogs on our trail runs/hikes if their fitness permits, or will get their own (more leisurely) walk if that suits them better. Meals are fed as needed  in separate areas, and food toys/occupiers/enrichment items can be provided upon request.

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